In a widely anticipated market, cannabis suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are in urgent need to supply the strong influx of THC and CBD users. It is imperative to look at the access of information and education within the space as we work towards partnering with those in the industry.

As part of the industry's rapid growth, it’s been released that cannabis edibles and infused products are an estimated $2.7 billion industry. With continued innovation and development, there is still so much to discover once the proper systems and policies are in place. According to Bill C-45, The Cannabis Act, provincial governments are held responsible for setting up the systems for all retail sales in their respective jurisdictions.

The goal is to equip the end-user with as much information as possible to ensure that they have the power to decide which product or supplier best meets their needs. For the many new adopters of CBD products, there are important questions that every supplier should address: What are the different kinds of strains? What are the symptoms and effects? What are the different ways to consume cannabis? Is there a guide to consuming cannabis?

The government of Canada is doing their part with all sorts of educational campaigns, but locally licensed cannabis stores should also take this as an opportunity to create a great customer experience. It’s no surprise that the market is also filled with a mix of consumers who have never tried cannabis or haven’t used it in a long time, and probably don’t know the contemporary basics. So, what's the formula to create a pleasant yet educational experience for all types of buyers?

The final piece to this entire puzzle is about privacy. The solution involves an individualized, face-to-face interaction with a custom software company that intelligently caters to each brand and consumer. The systems in place can undoubtedly be fun and experiential so long as the customer’s experience is kept in absolute confidence. It’s important to keep in mind that a great and memorable in-store experience for any customer will definitely be the reason they come back.